Free Mortgage

There are several different services that I would currently love to take advantage of; like a nanny for instance. I would love to have a Mary Poppins like nanny to entertain my “high intensity” child, change his hazardous dirty diapers, and be the stand in for the frantic whiny pant grabs all whilst making everything a song.

I’d love a housekeeper, a personal shopper, a landscaper, an interior designer, a personal chef, a first birthday event planner and a personal assistant. It’s not that I’m lazy; just the opposite. I’m an efficiency crazed, go big or go home, perfectionistic, challenge-aholic and I, for some reason, just can’t manage to get it all done. I don’t know why.

But alas, my dreams of having everything I want, the way I want it will have to wait. Because we have a kid. And kids are expensive. And we’re planning a wedding. And weddings are expensive. And although I make out all right at this mortgage gig, money is not yet busting out at the seams of my mattress.

I cannot hire these people because we cannot afford it right now. How do I know? Because I have called and asked their rates. Because I have scoured websites and know that there is no flipping way we can hire a landscaper regardless of the fact that our front lawn has become one massive weed fest where all the weeds have invited their little weed buddies to come hang out in our front yard mocking us. Our neighbors love it though.

But what about mortgage brokers? How much does it cost to hire one of those?

That’s the thing. It doesn’t. Not unless your credit resembles my son’s diapers or we’re talking about a commercial property, our services are 100% free to you, the consumer.

Let me put it another way: using a mortgage broker doesn’t cost you a penny. Or how about this way: Mortgage broker = free mortgage. And just in case you’re still a little unclear, how about this: FREE.

Now that we have that out of the way, there is no reason for you NOT to sit down with a mortgage broker. What are you waiting for?? Think of it as a no obligation, free assessment of when you can buy a home.

If you just said to yourself, “oh, well there’s no point in talking to a mortgage broker right now since we can’t qualify for a mortgage because of X”, please, read my next blog post. It will be written just for you.

Kerry Reid is a Licensed Mortgage Professional with Modern Mortgage Group, a franchise of Dominion Lending Centres, in Sooke, BC. She recently teamed up with Kari Stauble, also a Licensed Mortgage Professional with Modern Mortgage Group, to become the powerhouse team Kerry and Kari, Licensed Mortgage Professionals. Don’t worry. We’re on it.


I’m not racist, but you people…

I’m black. And although I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, in my 30+ years I’ve actually only heard these words uttered a handful of times. And you know what followed next was definitely racist.

So it caught me a bit off guard when someone said to me, “What is it you people do anyway?” In the moments it took me to comprehend the question asked, I’m sure my face had contorted from a look of shock, to disdain, and then to humorous relief when I realized they were asking me about my job.

I get that question a lot – albeit not usually with a lynching undertone – so here’s the answer:

I help people find the best mortgage product for their needs by shopping around at over 90 lenders to find the best rate and product at no cost to them so long as they are qualified borrowers (read: don’t have super challenging credit). And if they do have a ghetto credit report I can still help, but it’s gonna cost ya. Kinda like a payday loan.

“Oh, I see. So you’re the same as the mortgage guy at my bank”. Yeah, no. That’s like saying all Asians look the same. What are you, racist?

Here’s the deal. In Canada there are people who are trained, tested and licensed to offer mortgage advice and then there are people who, because of a loophole, can call themselves Mortgage Experts, Mortgage Advisors, Mortgage Specialists, Mortgage Professionals, Mobile Mortgage Specialists, etc. and not be licensed. These are the people who work directly for financial institutions.

Don’t get me wrong, just because someone is not a trained chef doesn’t mean their fried chicken can’t be good. But, if you’re looking for fried chicken, do you go to the place that specializes in fried chicken or the burger joint that also has fried chicken on the menu? Mmmm, fried chicken

Put another way, if you were looking to buy a car and went to a Ford dealership, do you think they would recommend a Chevy to you? No, they would do their darndest to show you why you should buy a Ford. If the Chevy is the best car for your needs, is their argument going to make the Ford a better buy? No! But if the Ford sales guy came to your house and brought the car with him would that make it a better car for you? HELL NO!

The best car for you will always be the Chevy, no matter what the Ford guy tells you, and the only way to know that would be with independent, unbiased assistance. Can I get an amen?!

A Licensed Mortgage Professional that is not restricted to a specific lender will give you qualified, unbiased assistance in finding the best mortgage product at the best rates that fits your needs. No lemons. AMEN.

So here’s your call to Jesus: always use a Licensed Mortgage Professional with a credible Mortgage Brokerage firm for all your real estate financing needs.

If I’ve offended anyone in the making of this blog post, that’s okay because I’m Black and I can say this kind of stuff. Unless you’re offended by my use of Ford and Chevy as my examples, then I’m sorry.

Oh, and it’s not racist if it’s a compliment.


The computer says no

Q: Excuse me, do you have any ice?

A: “You mean the frozen kind?”

Yes, this was an actual exchange of words I had with a Big Box Store cashier a couple of years back when I was out frantically trying to find ice for my clients on the day of their wedding when the person responsible for bringing the ice came empty handed (in my previous life I was a wedding planner).

This exchange stuck with me as the perfect example of how some people possess critical thinking skills, and others, well, do not. This can also be said for good customer service, creativity, tenacity, resourcefulness, and many other skills and characteristics that are often important in service type roles; some people have them, some people don’t.

It’s possible that the employee just had a momentary brain fart. Or they were so thrown off by my really random question that the neural connections of their brain couldn’t compute faster than the speed at which the words came out of their mouth.

Either way, this is not the type of individual you want to be dealing with when you are: applying for a mortgage, applying for a loan, doing your taxes, setting up a business, or if you have a nut allergy and they are the one confirming there are no nuts in the dish you are about to order.

When the answer matters, you want to pose the question to someone who can think beyond the box. Too many people receive a “no” when in fact, with some additional information or a little creativity, the answer could have been “yes” (*cough* what happens at banks *cough*).

This is why it sometimes seems to my clients that I make magic happen. I turn “no” into “yes” and between you and me, I have a ton of fun while I’m doing it.

So I leave you with this clip. If this has been your experience, call me.

Clip: Little Britain – The Computer Says No

Consider me the Gynecologist of Mortgages

Men joke it’s probably the best job in the world. Women simultaneously hope for, and dread getting, a good-looking one. I’m talking Gynecologists. The poke-ologists. The docs that get on up in your business.

As a woman who has been there, done that, I can tell you it’s a bit nerve racking being on such display. It feels vulnerable, uncomfortable and a little on the embarrassing side. I mean, I don’t spend a lot of time taking inventory down there so to have someone else poking around goes outside of my comfort zone. When I run through the appointment in my mind I see laughter, pointing and perhaps worst of all the knowing tsk, tsk look of disapproval. I cower as much as I can with my knees practically up by my shoulders.

So in anticipation of the big day there is a lot of primping, priming and worrying. Heck, I’ll probably even get a pedicure. But inevitably I’m somewhat disappointed each time.

The doc doesn’t care. Most of the time they are chatting away about something else or to someone else; going about their business as if it routine and just the usual. No laughter or judgment. Quick and mostly painless.

And that is because they are a professional. It is their job. For them, it IS routine, the usual, and just a way for them to help you stay healthy. They’ve seen it all and it is all normal. No big deal.

So consider me the Gynecologist of Mortgages.

I’m not here to judge your finances. It doesn’t matter to me how much money you do or don’t have, if you’re sitting on a nest egg or up to your eyeballs in debt. I’m here to help you. If you’re in debt, let me help you manage it, create a plan and get out of it. If you have money to burn, let me help you invest it wisely to get the most bang for your buck.

Whether you have a mortgage or think at some point, some time, you’d like to own a home, send me an email or give me a call and we’ll set up an appointment for a mortgage health check. I promise I’ll be gentle.