Consider me the Gynecologist of Mortgages

Men joke it’s probably the best job in the world. Women simultaneously hope for, and dread getting, a good-looking one. I’m talking Gynecologists. The poke-ologists. The docs that get on up in your business.

As a woman who has been there, done that, I can tell you it’s a bit nerve racking being on such display. It feels vulnerable, uncomfortable and a little on the embarrassing side. I mean, I don’t spend a lot of time taking inventory down there so to have someone else poking around goes outside of my comfort zone. When I run through the appointment in my mind I see laughter, pointing and perhaps worst of all the knowing tsk, tsk look of disapproval. I cower as much as I can with my knees practically up by my shoulders.

So in anticipation of the big day there is a lot of primping, priming and worrying. Heck, I’ll probably even get a pedicure. But inevitably I’m somewhat disappointed each time.

The doc doesn’t care. Most of the time they are chatting away about something else or to someone else; going about their business as if it routine and just the usual. No laughter or judgment. Quick and mostly painless.

And that is because they are a professional. It is their job. For them, it IS routine, the usual, and just a way for them to help you stay healthy. They’ve seen it all and it is all normal. No big deal.

So consider me the Gynecologist of Mortgages.

I’m not here to judge your finances. It doesn’t matter to me how much money you do or don’t have, if you’re sitting on a nest egg or up to your eyeballs in debt. I’m here to help you. If you’re in debt, let me help you manage it, create a plan and get out of it. If you have money to burn, let me help you invest it wisely to get the most bang for your buck.

Whether you have a mortgage or think at some point, some time, you’d like to own a home, send me an email or give me a call and we’ll set up an appointment for a mortgage health check. I promise I’ll be gentle.


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